I have always loved to cook. My first memory of preparing a meal for others was when I was eight years old and made dinner for my mother and father. On the menu that evening was Guadalupe Chicken over rice, a side of broccoli, and for dessert: Mystery Pie! I seem to recall it turned out fine, or at least they were able to choke it down. After that, I was in the kitchen helping whenever I could and loved all the smells and tastes that one could create in that room full of love. It made me happy to feed others and hopefully tantalize their taste buds, as well as fill their bellies.


Even though I pursued other careers (performing, teaching, cruise staff!), I continued to try new recipes and nurture my friends and family with food. So, this past year when I decided it was time to find a new career path, it only made sense to take what I love and make that my career. I trained at the Culinary Business Academy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and then joined the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) where I now have many colleagues and friends who are willing to share their cooking tips and personal favorite recipes with me.


My main mission is to bring people together through food. We are such a busy society and finding time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company is a rarity in this world. If I can help families and friends find a little extra time to sit down, eat and ‘catch up’ with each other, then I have done my job and that makes me very happy!


Chef photographed by Lindsay A. Miller


Member US Personal Chef Association          CPC - Certified Personal Chef