The Red-Headed Chef offers you:

Personalized Menus

Grocery Shopping using only the freshest ingredients

Meal preparation in your home

Variety of Menus

Personalized Menus

My goal is to prepare your menu to be delicious and healthful. Your meal will be customized to your taste and dietary requirements. With this in mind, I will visit your home for an interview which includes an extensive food questionnaire, that will allow me to develop a meal plan that suits your family’s particular taste preferences and dietary needs. A few days before your cook day, you will be presented a menu for approval.

Complete Grocery Shopping for the Freshest Ingredients

On your scheduled cooking day, I will shop for the groceries needed for the meals on your menu. Food prepared with fresh produce retains its flavor longer, which is why I use only the freshest vegetables, meat and fish available. If requested, organic and farm fresh products can be used.

Meal Preparation in Your Home

I will bring with me all of the necessary equipment and utensils I need to prepare and store your meals. Each entrée will be packaged and either refrigerated or frozen with the proper reheating instructions on the outside of each package. A copy of your current menu will be awaiting you on your kitchen counter. Your kitchen will be left clean and full of the smells of wonderful, freshly prepared food. Simply heat your meals according to the printed instructions and enjoy the extra free time with your family.

Variety of Healthy Menus

As humans, we crave a variety in our diets and my recipe book has many meals ranging from comfort foods to ethnic cuisines. I am also well versed in a wide selection of low-fat, vegetarian and diabetic-friendly entrées. "Healthy" or "Special Diets" do not have to mean flavorless, and food can be enhanced without relying upon added fats, additives or other poor cooking habits. I season my foods with fresh herbs and spices which enhance their natural flavors. Also, because my meals are prepared fresh, they contain no additives or preservatives.


The Red-Headed Chef is ready to provide you with this affordable, time-saving service which solves your "What's for Dinner?" problem. Contact me and let's set up a no-obligation interview today!